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  • Mon, Oct 2016 An endless streak of phone recording failures. The Oddessey of Prank Phone Calls.

    It's been roughly 10 years since my last prank phone call. During that time I have been met with set back after set back.  A never ending saga of sabotage, a lack of intestinal fortitude, changing technology, legal struggles, emotional issues, family problems, tax problems.

    My cell phone no longer has reception where I live, i can't even make out going calls. I didn't move, the phone just stopped making phone calls.

    I had to switch to VOIP. 

    I've bought two different recording devices with a third on the way. each of them has been a miserable disappointment.

  • Thu, Jun 2016 Totaly farcical. The call that changed it all...

    Here is a little bit of prank call nostalgia. Definitely, should be nominated in the prank call hall of fame. "I see OJ, and he looks scared," a prankster who got through on live television during the infamous OJ Simpson slow speed chase.

  • Tue, Dec 2015 Bruh Mans Sandwich Shop

    I'm constantly thinking of things that could be... Many of the ideas are nostalgia packaged as businesses or products.

    Here's one.

    Imagine a late night sandwich shop inspired by bruh man from the 90's sitcom Martin...

    The entrance is up a fire escape. There is no door, you have to come in the window.

    Once you enter there are several refrigerators stocked with sandwich supplies and perhaps pre-made sandwiches, drinks etc.

    You make a sandwich or grab one then head to the couch.

    And watch every episode of Martin on repeat forever.

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