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  • Fri, May 19 2017 New Sponsor!

    Things are looking up here at Phone on the Cob INC.  We have a sponsor! Dick Growth Fish Food! That's right paying those bills. We are proud to be sponsored by a very unique nutritional supplement for aquatic pets.

    Guaranteed to grow your gold fishes fish dick by up too 500%! Want your gold fish to have the biggest cock on the block and be the envy of all your neighbors? Well then try Growth Dick Fish Food, and watch as your favorite little friend just gobbles it up and keeps growing and growing!

  • Tue, Jan 03 2017 Songs about Phone Numbers.
  • Tue, Nov 29 2016 FML... the saga continues.

    Just connected my phone recording device to my mac via USB expecting to quickly copy over some of the audio I'd recorded recently. Par for the course the devices uses some arcane file format called .xtr which is fucking unreadable and not convertible.

    Doing some research. one more hurdle. I have to figure out how to convert these .xtr to a .wav or .mp3 or something I can open on my mac.

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