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  • Tue, Nov 29 2016 FML... the saga continues.

    Just connected my phone recording device to my mac via USB expecting to quickly copy over some of the audio I'd recorded recently. Par for the course the devices uses some arcane file format called .xtr which is fucking unreadable and not convertible.

    Doing some research. one more hurdle. I have to figure out how to convert these .xtr to a .wav or .mp3 or something I can open on my mac.

  • Mon, Oct 31 2016 Back in action...

    It'd been a long frustrating 10 year journey. But I have finally found a combination of devices that is up to the quality standards I expect when making phoney phone calls.  More to come...

  • Sat, Oct 29 2016 Jesus Christ, Sweden.

    So, I'll get to this in another post but I've been struggling to get a phone recording system that is easy to use back in operation. Wasted money. Multiple Devices. Multiple Services. I found a solution just a week ago. I was looking forward to prank calling Sweden... as they had the Swedish number.  I just went to call them. The number is closed. For fucks sake.  I'm stuck in a Bardo from the Tibetan book of the dead...

    Fuck the Swedish Tourist Association!

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